Florence + The Machine // Cosmic Love

The stars, the moon,
they have all been blown out.
You left me in the dark.
No dawn, no day, 
I’m always in this twilight,
in the shadow of your heart.

In the dark,
I can hear your heartbeat,
I tried to find the sound.
but then it stopped,
and I was in the darkness,
so darkness I became.



Am I Wry? No - Mew

Mew brings me back to the days when I was obsessed with rock bands like Brand New, Circa Survive, and Cursive. Those were the days where I would rock out and revel in the coalescence of shoegaze guitars, bass, progressive drums, and borderline emo lyrics. Mew and other bands like them will always have a play in my heart and iPod.

"I know you and I know you’re not afraid."